julho 11, 2022

Global de Paz 2022 na África africasessions

by CAE CPLP in Africa Sessions

14 de julho de 22 – 06.00 PM (hora de Lisboa)

Índice Global de Paz 2022 na África


With this virtual seminar, we once again open a GLOBAL STRATEGIC PLATFORM debate room: AFRICA SESSIONS, which will focus today the Global Peace Index (GPI) and the impact on security and defence in Africa. The Global Peace Index is produced on a yearly basis by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). Already in its 16th edition (2022), the GPI ranks 163 independent states and territories according to the level of what is defined as ‘peacefulness’.

It measures the state of peace across three domains: i) societal safety and security, ii) ongoing domestic and international conflict, iii) militarisation. The index is based on 23 quantitative and qualitative indicators each weighting on a scale of 1 (more peaceful)-5 (less peaceful).

Ghana ranks at the top of the most peaceful countries in Africa (40th place globally), whereas South Sudan is the least peaceful African country ranking also amongst the least peaceful in the world (159th place).

Based on the report findings and analysis, the webinar aims to provide an overview of the latest development and implications of peace and conflict in the African continent, both in North and Sub-Saharan African countries.

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“Estratégia: Pesquisar, Estudar e Difundir”


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